Our Mission

Helping Make a Difference

THE BOATING INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL NEW YORK is a group that is dedicated to the ways and means of enjoying boating in Central New York. We help both the Federal Government and the State Government spread information about rules and regulations of the day that concern boating or use of the great resources here in New York State, Lake Ontario, the Historic Erie Canal system or the St. Lawrence Seaway. We look to promote the resources within our membership and protect the waterways that we love. If it’s about boating, it’s about us.

The purpose of this website is to help you get in touch with the resources available through our members. Our membership represents a majority of boat related businesses in Central New York. Within our membership lies every type of boating resource you could imagine. From new boat sales to boat restoration, from canvas tops to repowering services, our members can help make your boating experience in Central New York and the Finger Lakes a pleasurable experience. Use the search feature on our members page to locate dealers for specific products.

Membership is Power

Why We Exist

1. Legislative Power—Strength in Numbers. While our organization is specifically located in Central New York, we belong to the Empire State Marine Trades Association, which is statewide. Our group monitors legislation that affects our trade in New York State. The more members we have, the better our chances of providing the legislature accurate information when they are putting laws together. It’s in everybody’s interest if you own a marine related industry to belong.

2. Automatic membership in the State Association. From the State organization news is passed around to all Marine Trade organizations within the State.

3. Marine Information and Member Services. Our organization holds regular meetings and is staffed by elected officials from within our membership. We employ a treasurer and a secretary, who are also members of our association.

4. Membership Directory and Listings, as well as this website provide increased visibility for business.

5. General Membership Meetings — Our regularly scheduled meetings allow our members to network within, and provides us with a better knowledge of what services are among us as resources, and a better understanding of issues that affect all of us.

6. Business and Employee Referrals — Many of our members do business with each other, and this provides a solid network that ultimately improves the boating experience for everyone involved.

7. BOAT SHOWS — Our big show in during the week of February 14 every year, or our more recent used boat show towards the end of the year have been very successful in many ways. We are the largest Boat Show in Upstate New York, and it occupies three buildings at the Syracuse Fairgrounds. Virtually every boat type is represented in the pleasure boating world, and any observant soul attending will be able to learn something new. There are buses that take you from building to building, and parking or accessibility is never a problem. People looking for a great deal can come to the show in February, or if they miss this show, they can try the used show at the end of the year.

8. Membership Identification — Members are encouraged to show their membership on stationary and or business cards. It shows that while you may be a small business, you are partners with the biggest marine trade organization in New York.

9. Promotions — Through boat shows, and advertising, this website, and any other functions the CNYBIA performs, attention is drawn to your business through your participation in this group.

10. Cost Savings to Members — The cost of doing business is always on the rise, and our group has plans with Insurance companies to help keep those costs down.

11. Industry Statistics — Industry statistics are available through the statewide organization. Knowledge is power, and working together with the statewide organization helps protect the industry from economic abuse.

12. Camaraderie and Friendships — Our organization has almost removed completely from our area the “cutthroat” relationships that plague some industries. When you get to know people, you realize that we are all just trying to survive, and make an honest living. Friendships in this group count, because the resources are there when the chips are down, and we pull for each other. Our organization has a party every year to help foster good times within our group, and it’s more fun than the regular meetings….